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Jan. 9th, 2017 09:21 pm
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Does what it says on the tin!

Come on in and introduce yourselves, chat, and get to know one another before game-start on Friday. You can use this post for plotting and scheming, or just for a friendly conversation.
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Soooo... hey.

Here's the thing. When we discussed this at the end of October, we were ballparking 10 characters as the minimum to run this game. I think it was pretty clear for a while it was only ever going to be a small game, and probably quite a slow one, but I'll be totally honest, I was expecting more interest than there's actually been.

It's possible, of course, that we'll have a sudden influx of characters before the hard open in a week. However, the current situation is this: including mod characters, we have 5 characters in the game, no pending reserves, and no pending apps. So I think, with that in mind, we need to discuss our options. (To my fellow mods: sorry I didn't bring this to you directly, but given how few people are in-game it honestly seemed simpler just to throw it out there all at once. To everyone involved: brief disclaimer, on a related note, that this is coming from Jormy only, and I haven't really consulted with anyone in-game on this)

The way I see it, if we keep at this kind of level, there's three ways this can go:
  1. We keep limping along.
  2. Honestly, I don't hold out a lot of hope for this option. It's hard to run a plot-heavy, NPC-heavy game with this few characters, and I'm getting the impression that people aren't sure how to proceed from here (correct me if I'm wrong; I'm just basing this on nobody having posted). But if people really want to push through, I'd certainly be willing to try running with this as a tiny wee game.

    It would probably mean cutting the mod team down to the bone, because honestly, five mods to a five-player game (with overlap) is a little silly. It would also mean, probably, more structure and less player-based direction, as in my experience player plots tend not to arise all that naturally with numbers between about 3 and 10. That, in turn, would necessitate more mod work, which would mean it would definitely run slow.

  3. We admit defeat.
  4. This is the simple way out, not much explanation needed. The easy thing to do here is throw our hands up, and say "well, we tried, dangit". I have enough issues with pride that I kind of don't want to do this, but enough issues with time and energy and not wanting to face prolonged failure that I kind of do.

  5. We try again later.
  6. In hindsight, I think we opened this game at a really bad time. November is the month of NaNo, SAD, and university deadlines (also, in this case, of the election). December is the month of everyone being busy with holidays and family and shit. I chose the dates because I was excited to start, and because I got to open on Halloween, but in practice, I think it might have been a contributing factor to how small it's ended up. So this suggestion would probably mean withdrawing for a few months, neatening shit up (some of the NPC pages are still not finished, because I dropped the ball), making more detailed plot plans, and restarting... probably in the summer?

    Characters already in Lethevale could either be grandfathered in, or resubmit their apps, depending on what people feel is best. I'd be open to discussion of when would be best for a reopening, if this is what people want to do - I was going to suggest around Easter, and then I thought about it and was like "waaaaaait, I have a dissertation and six exams then." So that's not happening. But, yeah, other than that.

What do you guys think? Also, is there an obvious solution I'm missing? Because I'll be honest, there probably is, I'm not very with it at the moment.

I just... yeah. It'd be good to get input on this, potentially both from players and from the RP community in general (which is to say, question 2: should I plurk this publicly and let The People have their say? Because I know there were people who expressed interest who aren't here. idk. I am very unsure at this juncture)


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The time has come! Well. Nearly kinda sorta.

In lieu of individual OOC intros (although you're welcome to do one of those as well!) this post is for everyone, mods and players alike, to get together, get to know each other, and maybe get the start of some plots going.

(Caveat: due to the decision to have a "soft open" now and a "hard open" at the end of November, no plots this month will reveal plot-critical information. Just so we're all clear)

Okay! Go party! 
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>Post with your name in the subject line, and list the characters you play
>Comment around, giving as much feedback as you can

Anon is on. It will be turned off if the mods see it being used to harrass anyone.
This HMD will be active until December, 2016